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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hi 2017, baibai 2016


                Its almost the end of 2016. Year 2017 in 16 days more. This is the year I never regret what I had done in my life. Seriously its really nice memory. Even though there are goals I didn't achieve in 2016 buts its ok because we only planning and Allah the one who decided. Many-many unexpected things happen in 2016 which make me happy. 2016 I'm in love.hahahahahahah.. Sorry for being cheesy. One quote I had learn which is really meaningful to me 'Life is just a matter of your choice' !!! U choose what u gonna be. Thanks you Dr. Delima for this encouraging word. Dr.Shim , Dr. Amina thanks too to both of you that I learn about new life. Its really refreshing. Besides of working in the same company for almost 3 years , YES I'm got a chances to continue my study in MBA at UiTM. Meeting new people, new opinion, new experience is really impressing. Sorry for the mix English. Currently improving so that I can continue with my doctorate << hahhahaha (dreaming 1st (just finish my 1st semester in MBA). Learning new things about journal and all that for the first time make me wanna giveup but then yeahhh I got to know amazing people that I continue my way. Insyaallah can't wait for next semester. For my first semester I am taking Human Resource Management(HRM) , Organization Behavior(OB) and Managerial Accounting. Even its familiar subject but I learn it in different way because its not all about the modul and chapter but how you going to apply it in your life. The subject really helping me in my work field in how I'm going to front and deal with the people I had been working for. Believe in what you can do is one thing and believe and doing things out of your league is also to know until which limit you can go. Its ok to try but don't forget for the effort , prayer and tawakal. Life is about worship to our creator. HWAITING !!!!! 2016 just so memorable. Going for my holiday in Langkawi with my always partner in crime Shila. Thanks you for always be there, I love you to the moon and EXO. hahahahaha. That't the start of us going holiday before we're going somewhere really far. Really want to make an entry about Langkawi but I had problem because I'm just done things when I want it. Even for writing ( I mean typing) this entry when I suddenly had a "thinks" in my mind. its always unplanned. its depends in my mood. Nobody can't force me. I will make a though of blogging when I'm feel it since my sister using my lappy for her class I need to hold.

Just in case anyone reading. Thanks you💚💚

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